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Sandy Hollar Farm: Pick your own Christmas Tree


Christmas time on the farm is a very special time.  During the weekends, we have the wagon rides available.  The snack shack and Christmas Shop is up and going as well.  If you are unable to visit on the weekend and would like to come during the week to get your tree, please call for an appointment so someone will be available to help you. 

Once you arrive at the farm, you will find parking to your left in the parking lot.  If it is your first time someone will be glad to help you get started in choosing your tree.  While waiting on the wagon to take you to find your tree, feel free to visit the snack shack and get a complimentary hot chocolate.  The snack shack also has a variety of snacks and drinks available.

Please come in and visit our Christmas Shop.  You will find a variety of handmade christmas tree ornaments and handmade gifts including hand spun, knitted or crocheted toboggans, shawls and afghans as well as quilts and many more unique gifts.   If you look outside on the walls of the the shop you will find many wreaths made fresh on the farm.  We also have garland available as well.  If you would like a certain size wreath, please call us well ahead of your visit so we can have that size available for you. 

When the wagon arrives to take you into the tree fields jump on and have a seat.  Remember that pets are welcome but do need to be on a leash.  As you go back about a mile to the trees, you will pass a variety of the livestock that live on the farm such as sheep, goats, llamas, miniature donkeys and longhorn cattle.  We have Great Pyrenees (livestock guardian dogs) in the pastures with the animals and we ask that you do not leave the wagon until you are asked to do so as our dogs are very protective.   Once you have picked out your tree, you may cut it yourself (we have hand saws available - no chains saws are permitted) or you may get one of the guys to cut it.  They will then bale it, measure it and place a tag on the tree with your name and the height of the tree.  It is now time to come back to the starting point.  Your tree will be brought down and you will find it at the drop off point.  Once you have found your tree, please bring the tag into the Christmas Shop and pay.  Twine is available for you to tie the tree onto your vehicle.  If any help is needed, please let us know.

Remember that this is a farm as well as our home and we ask that you follow our rules so that everyone stays safe.  

Christmas time Farm hours are from 9 am until 4 pm. 

Please plan your visit so that you arrive well before 4 pm so that you may have time to pick your tree. 

For more information visit the Sandy Hollar Farm Website

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