Dr: King's: Carolina Bison

Carolina Bison is founded by author, lecturer, and whole-health practitioner Dr. Frank King, Jr. in 1985. Carolina Bison is one of the largest bison ranches in the Southeastern region. This ranch offers farm tours to see a wide variety of animals. The ranch includes varies species of bison, white bison, black bison, camels for milking, African Watusi Cattle, Himalayan Tibetan Yak, Elk, Deer and their young.

Dr. King's brand of natural bison, elk, yak and more meats are produced on this farm using natural farming techniques. The farm features breath-taking views as well as the opportunity to see a wide diversity of animals. There are gifts, skulls and meats available for sale at the farm shop. 

If you are interested in a farm tour:

please book online at www.carolinabison.com


Hours Open: 10 am to 6 pm 7 days a week 

Tours must be booked in advance for this farm stop

Location: 356 Ridgeview rd Leicester, NC 28748

Phone Number: 828-236-1659

Website: www.carolinabison.com

Facebook: Carolina Bison Facebook